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With the objective of meeting the academic demand of students, we have the great honour and privilege of inviting you to contribute a textbook in your area of specialization. Our editorial team would be delighted to hear from you the details of any proposal of manuscripts that you may have in mind in the field of engineering, management, education, law, science and humanities which are tailor made to serve Universities’ prescribed curriculum.

With nearly five successful decades of experience in production-editing, designing, and typesetting-we can undertake to publish any book with minimum gestation period. Our sale and distribution network is spread nationwide to promote sale of our products. We are delighted to promote your work to the vast gamut of readers through our distribution channel. We work in close relationship to bring out your books with the quality and timely production.

If you are interested in having your manuscripts published by us, please click here to submit your details. We would be happy to have you as our author to publish textbooks.

The Editorial Staff

Once your manuscript is accepted by PHI Learning, many people are involved in turning your original manuscript into the final bound book. Please familiarize yourself with the functions and contributions of various people, in particular the editorial team in PHI, in bringing out a well-chiselled product (book).

Managing Editor (contact)

The Managing Editor assigns your manuscript to a manuscript Editor who has the requisite experience in editing similar type of manuscripts and works closely with him. The Managing Editor works closely with the Acquisitions Editor to decide on the best marketing and sales strategy for your book. During this interaction, the proper title of the book (if the one given is not considered marketable) and the cover design (one of the most important advertising pieces) are discussed.

Editor (contact)

The Editor does the cutting and pruning and brings out a successful book out of your manuscript. While editing the manuscript, the grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax and sentence structure, etc. are taken care of. In fact, he/she goes through each word/sentence and checks your manuscript thoroughly to avoid redundancy and repetition (both of ideas and certain pet phrases), and to preserve consistency in organization, style and other aspects. Other than the Managing Editor, the manuscript editor is available at every stage to provide any information you want to know.

Production Manager (contact)

Once your manuscript has been accepted and put into production, the Production Manager supervises the transition from manuscript to bound book. This person oversees the internal design of your book, the proofreading of your manuscript, the preparation of the art work, and the composition of pages, among other things. Since the Production Manager is in contact with artists, DTP operators, editors, and others involved in producing your book, he should be your first contact at every stage of production. He is the person most often available, should you need information on the status of your book, answers to questions and solutions to your problems, and advises on the best way to proceed.