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Helping Teachers to Teach and Students to Learn

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Technology and Innovation Management

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Edition : Second Edition
Pages : 300

Print Book ISBN : 9789389347395
Binding : Paperback
Print Book Status : Available
Print Book Price : 595.00  476
You Save : (119)

eBook ISBN : 9789389347401
Ebook Status : Available
Ebook Price : 595.00  476
You Save : (119)


Technology and Innovation Management is one of the most sought-after courses offered like MBA or PGDM in Business Schools and various Technology Institutes, today. This book, written with deep ingrained practical insights and well-researched theoretical foundations integrates people, processes and technology to achieve maximum economic benefits to society. The book is designed to be a compendium for students and managers, who wish to understand technology and innovation management to the core.

The book explains the relationship between technology innovation and strategy in a simplified manner. Keeping Indian education framework in mind, this book details on practices and principles that are easy to implement. The theories are simple to grasp, and anecdotal stories on Technology and Innovation implementations make it a student-friendly edition, to help achieve success in exams as well as in the professional front. It further explains the core principles of Technology and Innovation Management.

S-Curve and the Segment Zero Principle, adopting industry 4.0 and innovation 4.0 to make India a smart and intelligent manufacturing hub in the era of fourth industrial revolution, design thinking for solving complex business problems along with the role and contribution of Government in Technology Development.


• Provides an in-depth knowledge of Product and Process Development and Role of Technology

• Gives a thorough overview of Existing and Emerging Technology, Human Aspects and Social Issues in Technology Management

• Contained with MCQs (and their answers) which are important from examination point-of-view.

This new edition of the popular book features the following additions:

• Chapter on Industry 4.0 and Innovation 4.0 covering topics like Fourth Industrial revolution and Industry 4.0, Five Laws of Emerging Technology, Societal value of Innovation 4.0 and Leadership traits expected in the fourth industrial revolution emphasises on efficient and higher quality production process.

• Chapter on Design Thinking to engage in the task of steering innovation in the organization through many disciplined and right measures such as business strategy, planning, process design, product and process innovation and many others.

• Two additional case studies of leading technology companies who are using technology for Business Innovation.



• B.Tech / M.Tech


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