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Helping Teachers to Teach and Students to Learn

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Pages : 596

Print Book ISBN : 9789389347319
Binding : Paperback
Print Book Status : Available
Print Book Price : 795.00  596.25
You Save : (198.75)

eBook ISBN : 9789389347326
Ebook Status : Available
Ebook Price : 795.00  596.25
You Save : (198.75)


This comprehensive text aims to give readers an overall idea of the structural changes in Indian Economy in the Post-Independence era with greater focus on the period since reforms of the 1990s. Besides giving an overview of the broad trends of the economy, an attempt has been made to define various important concepts that may be useful for any average student learning the subject.

Comprehensive coverage of contemporary issues such as sectoral reforms, various welfare schemes of the government, employment generation schemes, etc. are dealt with in great detail and the book is up-to-date with latest data from Economic Survey 2020

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