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Pages : 624

Print Book ISBN : 9789387472136
Binding : Paperback
Print Book Status : Available
Print Book Price : 995.00  796
You Save : (199)

eBook ISBN : 9789387472143
Ebook Status : Available
Ebook Price : 995.00  796
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Based on the integrated and holistic approach, the book systematically and comprehensively covers a general account of taxonomical, morphological, anatomical and physiological features of chordates. The text does not restrict discussion only to a representative genus in each class, but also provides knowledge of other important genera, and gives their general account and comparative features to help students understand animal diversity in the phylum. Besides the type study, the book also deals with the developmental and ecological aspects of the genera discussed.

The book is intended to fulfill the curriculum need of B.Sc. Zoology, Life Sciences, Biological Sciences and Animal Sciences as well as M.Sc. Zoology students for their core course on chordata (chordates). Additionally, the students appearing for various competitive examinations and entrance test for postgraduate courses in the related fields will find this book useful.


Incorporates the topics of modern research such as Fish as Biocontrol Agents, Mimicry in Birds, Nesting and Brooding Behaviour of Birds, and so on.

Compares important genera of the class—morphological, anatomical and adaptive features.

Well-illustrated coloured diagrams with meticulous details and labelling for clear understanding of anatomy.

Important information nested in boxes, points to remember and classification in the form of flow charts add strength to each chapter.

Provides a variety of pedagogically arranged interactive exercises for self assessment—from fill in the blanks, true/false statements, give reasons to MCQs. Also, the readers can check their answers online at www.phindia.com/pandey-mathur

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