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Pages : 244

Print Book ISBN : 9788120353268
Binding : Paperback
Print Book Status : Available
Print Book Price : 225.00  180
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eBook ISBN : 9789390669073
Ebook Status : Available
Ebook Price : 225.00  180
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Shakespeare, in Julius Caesar, a history play, very effectively portrays the Assassination episode of the King Caesar, and how it was avenged by Mark Antony, a faithful Soldier of Caesar’s Second triumvirate. The essays on Role of Women in Julius Caesar and Important Themes in Question help in analyzing the play, appropriately.

The Play

Caesar returns to Rome after defeating Pompey, but conspirators plan to assassinate him. Caesar’s wife, Calphurnia, has nightmares and tries to persuade Caesar not to go to the Capitol. But he goes and is assassinated. Caesar’s friend Antony rouses the crowd by his oration and Brutus and Cassius have to flee to Rome. Antony forms a triumvirate with Octavius Caesar and Lepidus, and plans deaths of the conspirators by forming an army. Brutus and Cassius agree to fight them together at Philippi. Messala brings in news from Rome and reports that Portia, Brutus’ wife has committed suicide. Caesar’s ghost visits Brutus at night and warns him that he will meet him at Philippi. In the battle, Brutus and Cassius are defeated and power passes on to the hands of the second triumvirs.

The book comes along with
• A comprehensive introduction to the entire play
• Simple yet descriptive explanatory notes
• Original text
• Illustrative summary to the entire play (Act-wise)
• Critical essays giving a post-modern outlook to the play

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