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SAP MM CONSUMPTION BASED MRP : Technical Reference and Learning Guide

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Pages : 544

Print Book ISBN : 9788120350946
Binding : Paperback
Print Book Status : Available
Print Book Price : 550.00  330
You Save : 40%(220)

eBook ISBN : 9789354430794
Ebook Status : Available
Ebook Price : 550.00  330
You Save : 40%(220)


Consumption-based MRP is an important business process in almost every company. In SAP, you can plan material requirements based on consumption. SAP provides important functionalities like determining net requirement, procurement dates, etc. This book explains all the concepts underpinning SAP’s MM Consumption based MRP Module. It is a comprehensive technical manual which explains every single node of the User Menu and the Configuration.

The book is organized in chapters that are important business activities. The author has taken care to balance details with overviews that explain linkages between concepts. In this book, like author’s earlier books, he explains every screen of SAP MM Consumption-based MRP. Divided into 16 chapters, the book clearly explains both the SAP Menu and the Customizing Implementation Guide. It also indicates the chapter number where these are covered, thereby creating a direct link between the book and the SAP software. The implementation of SAP MM Consumption Based MRP and documentation can also be guided by the structure of this book.

This book is designed to be used both as a reference manual and a learning guide. As a learning guide, it offers four views, each for a different target audience.

• It can be read from the Senior Management’s perspective to gain a broad understanding of the subject and what SAP can do for them.

• Business Process Owners can achieve a higher level of understanding by getting to know more of SAP concepts and how to perform different tasks in SAP.

• Users can acquire a thorough understanding of different tasks and concepts underlying them.

• Functional consultants and proficient users can read the book to gain a complete understanding of the system.

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