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Helping Teachers to Teach and Students to Learn

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Pages : 464

Print Book ISBN : 9788120350427
Binding : Paperback
Print Book Status : Available
Print Book Price : 425.00  340
You Save : (85)

eBook ISBN : 9789354436161
Ebook Status : Available
Ebook Price : 425.00  340
You Save : (85)


This comprehensive textbook covers the syllabus of electrical machines of almost all the Indian universities. The language of the book is simple and easy to understand and each topic is well illustrated by examples and figures. The book can be used by the students for self-teaching. It deals in electromagnetism and discusses the electromechanical energy conversion principles. The text explains the principles and working of transformers, synchronous machines and three-phase induction motors. The book also deals with other special types of machines including single phase induction motor.

This book is primarily intended for undergraduate students of electrical engineering.

Key Features

 • Contains a large number of solved problems and review questions in each chapter.
 • Supplements a large number of multiple choice questions and numerical problems with their answers in each chapter.
 • Provides an elaborate and systematic analysis of working principle, application and construction of each electrical machine.

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