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Helping Teachers to Teach and Students to Learn

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Vehicle Maintenance and Garage Practice

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Pages : 328

Print Book ISBN : 9788120349827
Binding : Paperback
Print Book Status : Available
Print Book Price : 695.00  556
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eBook ISBN : 9789390544936
Ebook Status : Available
Ebook Price : 695.00  556
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The orientation towards vehicle maintenance led to the significant advancements in its engineering applications in the past few decades. With the advent of automation and electronics in automobiles, the study gained more momentum, which led vehicle maintenance and garage practice to emerge as a new discipline of automobile engineering. The present book is an attempt to reveal underlying principles and best practices in diagnostic procedures, services, repairs and overhauling of the vehicles. The key techniques and methods described with the help of diagrams and images make the book user-friendly and informative, enabling students to understand the concept easily. The text not only provides theoretical information, but also imparts practical knowledge on vehicle maintenance and repairing, emphasising the role and function of service stations. The book deals with both conventional and non-conventional methods of repairing and overhauling.

Primarily designed for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of automobile and mechanical engineering, the lucid and simple presentation of the book makes it useful for the students pursuing diploma in automobile engineering as well. It can be used as an automobile repair guide by vehicle owners for its step-by-step explanation of repair procedures, which help them to carry out repair and maintenance conveniently.

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