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Pages : 592

Print Book ISBN : 9788120348905
Binding : Paperback
Print Book Status : Available
Print Book Price : 895.00  716
You Save : (179)

eBook ISBN : 9789390464470
Ebook Status : Available
Ebook Price : 895.00  716
You Save : (179)


Designed primarily as a text for undergraduate and postgraduate students of management and commerce, this comprehensive and well-organized book equips the readers with the knowledge to analyze the domestic and global business environment. The focus of the book is on the assessment of the evolving business scenario using analytical underpinnings and latest data.

This book clearly brings out the implications of changes in socio-economic and legal environment of business, and covers business environment by tracking changes in national income, inflation, fiscal deficit, money supply, exchange rate, balance of payment and many other economic variables. Besides, it briefs on legal aspects, deliberates on demographic changes and changes in technical and natural environment of business.

Besides students, practising managers and policy makers will also find the book as a useful reference.

Key Features

 • Illustrations using latest  data (upto June 2013)
 • Boxes containing numerical illustrations and technical details
 • Cases depicting Indian Business Environment and providing glimpses of evolving global business environment
 • Review questions, numerical problems and case analysis

Companion Website: This text is supported by the companion website: www.phindia.com/veenapailwar/ containing useful resources for the teachers and study aids for the students.

Instructors’ Resources: To support the teaching efforts the website contains—Answers to the end of the chapter Numerical Problems with explanation; More than 1000 crisp, clear and colourful PowerPoint Slides; and more than 1000 Multiple Choice Questions.

Students’ Resources: To strengthen the understanding of the students on the subject the website resources comprise—Interactive Multiple Choice Questions and hints for solving chapter-end Numerical Problems.

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