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Helping Teachers to Teach and Students to Learn

Helping Teachers to Teach and Students to Learn

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Edition : Ninth Edition
Pages : 840

Print Book ISBN : 9788120343146
Binding : Paperback
Print Book Status : Available
Print Book Price : 1095.00  876
You Save : (219)

eBook ISBN : 9789390464685
Ebook Status : Available
Ebook Price : 1095.00  876
You Save : (219)


The Ninth Edition of this well-established text, while retaining the contents and style of the earlier editions, continues to discuss the basic skills of management and leadership. The assumption of the book is that the human person is by nature a manager and has leadership and managerial skills that can and should be continually developed. These basic skills are: reading, writing, learning, speaking, interviewing, training, deciding, problem-solving, managing conflict, and motivation. And in this book, Fr. McGrath, with his masterly skills and wealth of experience, tells how these skills can be fully developed and mastered. Constant use of pointers, tips, exercises and questionnaires, supplemented by hand drawings, make this book exceptionally reader friendly.

What’s New to the Ninth Edition :

The section on teaching and training has been strengthened.

The sections on leadership and change management give a new orientation.

Additional exercises and inputs are given in all the sections.


Hundreds of managers, teachers, and HRD personnel and others in India and abroad have benefited from this storehouse of practical wisdom, lucidly and creatively written. McGrath is a name, fondly remembered by thousands.
—T. A. MATHIAS, Professor, and
Former Editor, Management and Labour Studies, XLRI

Fr. McGrath presents an exhaustive set of skills that I consider absolutely critical for any individual to successfully ‘manage’ life, in general, and his/her profession, in particular. This comprehensive and extremely reader-friendly text is the perfect reference for all types of managers,….
—ARUP VARMA, Associate Professor, Loyola University, Chicago

Extremely good and useful... one of the best in the genre... a great service….

Basic Managerial Skills is an excellent handbook for young managers and management students.
—Prof. BISWAJEET PATTANAYAK, Former Professor, IIM Indore

This is a remarkable book on perfectible skills of management and leadership. We have made it compulsory reading for all students of management at IMIS. Fr. McGrath says profound truths on management which are easy to read and understand.
—Prof. K. C. PADHY, Director,
Institute of Management & Information Science, Bhubaneswar

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