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Pages : 356

Print Book ISBN : 9788120340091
Binding : Paperback
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eBook ISBN : 9789390464876
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With the increased pace in globalization and internationalization of business, cross-cultural management has assumed enormous significance. And, as multinational corporations (MNCs) and Transnational Corporations (TNCs) spread their wings across nations with numerous employees of different nationalities, with their different cultures, different mores and different behaviours, organizations have to reconcile these differences and have to forge a unified organizational culture to achieve their mission, vision and objectives. This book eminently suits as a text to address these goals.

Divided into 14 chapters, this comprehensive and well-organized text discusses in detail the many cultural issues facing organizations. Professor Bhattacharyya, with his expertise and wealth of experience, provides a masterly analysis of the subject, harmoniously blending the theory and practice of cross-cultural management, making it a unified whole. Not only does the text give a thorough understanding of culture, showing that it is an amalgam of shared values and behaviours of groups as well as a phenomenon applicable to individuals, it also delineates the many facets of corporate culture.

The text discusses the entire gamut of organizational culture, cultural differences, diversity management, cross-cultural management, globalization, impact of culture on globalization, and the impact of technology and culture on organization. In addition, it focuses on cross-cultural communication, cultural issues in mergers and acquisitions, resource management, cross-cultural decision making, and ways and means of managing cross-cultural teams.

Key Features :

Every chapter opens and ends with a Case Study as is the international practice.

The text is a happy fusion of theory and practice.

Deals with cross-cultural issues in the use of modern techniques such as BPR, TQM, Lean and Six-Sigma, Toyota Production Systems (TPS), and Quick Response Manufacturing.

This text, which is suffused with examples and case studies to illustrate the theories discussed, is intended as a text for students of management. It would be equally useful as valuable reading for practising managers, especially for those managing cross-cultural teams.

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