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DATA WAREHOUSING : Concepts, Techniques, Products and Applications

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Edition : Third Edition
Pages : 184

Print Book ISBN : 9788120336278
Binding : Paperback
Print Book Status : Available
Print Book Price : 450.00  360
You Save : (90)

eBook ISBN : 9789354435973
Ebook Status : Available
Ebook Price : 450.00  360
You Save : (90)


The Third Edition of this well-received text analyses the fundamental concepts of data warehousing, data marts, and OLAP. The author discusses, in an easy-to-understand language, important topics such as data mining, how to build a data warehouse, and potential applications of data warehousing technology in government. Besides, the text compares and contrasts the currently available software tools used to design and develop data warehouses. While retaining the six existing case studies, it gives four new case studies:

 HARBOR, A Highly Available Data Warehouse

A Typical Business Data Warehouse for a Trading Company

 Customer Data Warehouse for the World’s First and Largest Online Bank in the United Kingdom

A German Supermarket EDEKA’s Data Warehouse

The book, which is a blend of principles and real-life case studies, is intended as a text for students of B.Tech/M.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering), B.Tech/M.Tech (Information Technology), MBA, M.Sc. (Computer Science), M.Sc. (Information Technology), and MCA. It should also be of considerable utility and worth to software professionals and database practitioners.

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