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Principles of MANAGEMENT

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Pages : 284

Print Book ISBN : 9788120335271
Binding : Paperback
Print Book Status : Available
Print Book Price : 595.00  476
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eBook ISBN : 9789354432507
Ebook Status : Available
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Modern businesses are placed in a complex and intricate environment. The constraints imposed and the opportunities provided by the nature of the economic, political, legal, social, and demographic factors have a profound impact on the business. Management is a process by which managers continuously reinvent themselves to meet the organizational goals and global competition.

A good manager must also possess a sound understanding of human behaviour to develop the most important managerial skill of empathy.

This book is a first-level introduction to the field of management enabling students to understand what managers do, what skills are needed by managers, what their basic functions are, and in a nutshell what management is all about. The book elaborately describes the five functions of a manager—Planning, Organizing, Human Resource Management, Leading, and Directing and Control. The chapter-end exercises and practice quizzes encourage the student to rehearse the various concepts learnt throughout the text.

The book is useful for students pursuing courses in Business Management both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It is also a useful text for undergraduate students pursuing courses in engineering disciplines and other professional courses where Principles of Management is part of the curriculum. A distinguishing feature of this text is that there is a visible bias of author’s training in Psychology.

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