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Philosophy of Hindu Sadhana

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Pages : 292 (Hard

Print Book ISBN : 9788120333062
Binding : Hardcover
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None else could have made a better presentation on the practice side of Hindu religion, with its underlining concepts of Hindu faith, than Dr. Nalini Kanta Brahma. His classic work, Philosophy of Hindu Sadhana, is now being relaunched in the Eastern Economy Edition for the benefit of students, researchers, and all those who have an abiding interest in philosophy and religion.

The author stresses those characteristics of Hindu religion that bring out its kinship with the higher religious thoughts of the world so that the reader can discern a common fabric of organic unity of higher religions. The text brings to fore the correlation between theory and practice of different Hindu philosophical systems. Sadhana, the instrument to attain perfection as propounded in Hindu Philosophy—being a means to a better end—has been discussed in the text in its various forms as followed by different religious systems of the Hindus.

Part I of the book deals with the function and characteristics of Hindu Sadhana in general. Part II elucidates the specific forms of Hindu Sadhana that includes Karma, the path of prescribed actions, Jnana, the path of higher intellect, and Bhakti, the path of devotional worship. The book also deals with Yoga, the form of Sadhana as propounded by Patanjali. Finally, it emphasizes the importance and value of discipline and devotion that are inherent in the good practice of Hindu religion.

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