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Pages : 392

Print Book ISBN : 9788120318120
Binding : Paperback
Print Book Status : Available
Print Book Price : 775.00  620
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eBook ISBN : 9789390669141
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With the onset of globalization, liberalization and technological market changes, organizations are making many strategic responses by redefining their portfolios, processes, systems and structures. At operational level, these responses are: (i) Portfolio related responses (mergers, acquisitions, demergers, diversification, share buy-back, divestiture, and so on) process related strategic responses (quality strategy, international quality certification, JIT, benchmarking, core competence, etc.) and (iii) structure related responses (strategic business units, matrix structures, and flat organization structures).

This well-organized and compact text gives a brilliant analysis of the significance of the HRD system in planning and implementation of strategic responses, focussing on the alignment between strategic responses of organizations and HRD in India~s most valuable companies. The entire theme is presented with the help of exhaustive literature review and is based on empirical study conducted in 59 Indian organizations. The book is unique as it provides overview of 26 strategic responses and the role of HRD in them.

The book is profusely illustrated and contains 140 tables, and a fairly large number of figures and boxes, which will enable the readers to grasp the subject with ease. The comprehensive References will be of great help in delving deeper into the topics discussed.

Designed primarily as a textbook for postgraduate students of management, and postgraduate diploma students in Business/Human Resource Management, this indepth and fascinating study on strategic human resource development will be highly useful to consultants and practitioners in HRD and all those involved in strategic management/corporate planning.

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