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Hot Metal Production by Smelting Reduction of Iron Oxide - ABOUT AUTHOR(S)

A metallurgical engineer from Banaras Hindu University, AMIT CHATTERJEE was awarded the Doctorate of Science (Engineering) Degree by the University of London in 1988 for his outstanding work on coal-based direct reduction and oxygen steelmaking. He had earlier obtained his Ph.D. in process metallurgy from the prestigious Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, of which he is also a Fellow. He started his professional career in the steel industry in Germany, followed by over 39 years of distinguished service in Tata Steel, from where he superannuated on 30th September 2011. br>

Dr. Chatterjee is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, England, The Indian Institute of Metals, India as well as The Indian National Academy of Engineers, India. He has over 550 publications to his credit and is the recipient of several awards from India and overseas, including the National Metallurgist Award (1977), Visvesvaraya Gold Medal (1981 and 1996), SAIL Gold Medal (1982), Bhoruka Gold Medal (1992), Thomas Sidney Gilchrist Thomas Medal & Prize (1994) by The Institute of Materials, London, Application to Practice Award (1997) of TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society), USA, Tata Gold Medal (1997), Platinum Medal (2002) and many others.

Dr. Chatterjee has authored several books: Ironmaking and Steelmaking—Theory and Practice and Sponge Iron Production by Direct Reduction of Iron Oxide (both published by PHI Learning, Delhi) as well as two other books entitled Beyond the Blast Furnace and Metallics for Steelmaking—Production and Use, besides a number of Monographs on Cokemaking, Sintermaking, Ironmaking, Continuous Casting, etc.

Dr. Chatterjee is recognised all over the world as an authority in the field of process metallurgy, particularly in the area of alternative method of iron production comprising direct reduction and smelting reduction, in both of which hot metal is produced without using coke.



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