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Essentials of Physics: Volume II - ABOUT AUTHOR(S)

SANJAY MORESHWAR WAGH, PhD, is Director of the Central India Research Institute at Nagpur. He proposed that light consists of momentum-less quanta of only non-kinetic and non-potential energy. The equality of inertia and gravitational mass of a body is explained by him in a general manner. Dr. Wagh also proposed the emission origin for the wave phenomena and universal theory of relativity. Dr. Wagh is associated with many national and international societies of scientists and professionals.

His research area includes theoretical astrophysics, image processing, fundamental physical interactions, nano-scale phenomena, Joshi effect, category theory, and physics of sports.

DILIP ABASAHEB DESHPANDE, PhD, is former Director of PCD Institute of Computer Studies and Research, Nagpur. He is also a member of the Governing Council and Emeritus Professor at the Central India Research Institute, Nagpur. Earlier, he served as a member of the Board of Studies in Physics of the Nagpur University. A fellow of the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, and a life member of the Indian Science Congress Association, The Indian Association of Physics Teachers, and Indian Physics Association, he has published over 40 research papers in journals of international repute. Professor Deshpande is also the author of many books on physics.

His research interests include ferroelectrics and thermal analysis.



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