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The fourth edition of the book is richer in contents presenting updated information on the fundamental aspects of various processes related to thermal power plants. The major thrust in the book is given on the hands-on procedure to deal with the normal and emergency situations during plant operation.
Beginning from the fundamentals, the book, explores the vast concepts of boilers, steam turbines and other auxiliary systems. Following a simple text format and easy-to-grasp language, the book explicates various real-life situation-related topics involving operation, commissioning, maintenance, electrical and instrumentation of a power plant.
• The text now incorporates a new chapter on Environmental and Safety Aspects of Thermal Power Plants.
• New sections on Softener, Water Treatment of Supercritical Boiler, Wet Mode and Dry Mode Operation of Supercritical Boiler, Electromatic Pressure Relief Valve, Pressure Reducing and Desuperheating (PRDS) System, Orsat Apparatus, and Safety Interlocks and Auto Control Logics in Boiler have been added in related chapters.
• Several sections have been updated to provide the reader with the latest information.
• A new appendix on Important Information on Power Generation has been incorporated into the text.
Dealing with all the latest coverage, the book is written to address the requirements of the undergraduate students of power plant engineering. Besides this, the text would also cater to the needs of those candidates who are preparing for Boiler Operation Engineers (BOE) Examination and the undergraduate/postgraduate students who are pursuing courses in various power training institutes. The book will also be of immense use to the students of postgraduate diploma course in thermal power plant engineering.
• Covers almost all the functional areas of thermal power plants in its systematically arranged topics.
• Incorporates more than 500 self-test questions in chapter-end exercises to test the student’s grasp of the fundamental concepts and BOE Examination preparation.
• Involves numerous well-labelled diagrams throughout the book leading to easy learning.
• Provides several solved numerical problems that generally arise during the functioning of thermal power plants.

Preface 1. Fundamentals 2. Heat Transfer Methods 3. Fuel and Combustion 4. Properties of Steam 5. Boiler Feedwater Chemistry 6. Introduction to Boiler 7. Fuel Handling System 8. Air Path 9. Feedwater Path 10. Steam Path 11. Flue Gas Path 12. Ash Handling System 13. Operation of Boiler 14. Pipes, Tubes and Fittings 15. Pipe Fittings and Ancillaries 16. Steam Turbine 17. Auxiliary System of Steam Turbine 18. Operation of Steam Turbine 19. Generator 20. Commissioning of Power Plant 21. Maintenance of Power Plant 22. Control and Instrumentation 23. Scope of Energy Conservation in Thermal Power Plants 24. Environmental and Safety Aspects of Thermal Power Plant Plant Calculations or Numericals APPENDICES I: Unit Conversion II: Various Pipelines used at Thermal Power Plant III: Syllabus for BOE Examination IV: Important Information on Power Generation Index
AMIYA RANJAN MALLICK, with more than 27 years of experience, is General Manager (Power Plant), B.K. Birla Group of Industries, Maharashtra. Earlier, he served with a Government of India enterprise and subsequently worked at Tata and Birla Group of Companies. Comprehensive operation and maintenance of power plant is the main functional area of his career. He is actively associated with Boiler Operation Engineers (BOE) Examination, and presently, is a member of BOE Examination Board and Fellow of Institution of Engineers (I) as well.
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