Yenepoya University launches PG diploma course in forensic anthropology

MANGALURU: Department of forensic medicine and Toxicology of Yenepoya University on Monday launched a PG diploma course in forensic anthropology. The course of one-year duration that started with an international continuing medical education programme – the Skeleton Speaks has already attracted 12 students and has been launched with assistance from the Equipo Argentino de Antropologia Forense (Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team).

Dr C V Raghuveer, registrar, Yenepoya University told reporters that forensic anthropology has been one of the specialties in the area of forensic science that has developed during the last three-decades. Role of Forensic Anthropology has been central specially in investigating cases of massive violence, exhuming complex mass graves, analyzing large number of commingle remains and leading the identification process and integrating the results with specialists.

Dr Louis Fondebrider, president, EAAF said the move to start PG diploma course at the university will pave the way for interchange of ideas with local professional experts in the field of forensic medicine and pave the way for development of forensic anthropology as an academic subject and an area of expertise. EAAF has projects in Mexico, US, Central America, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Cyprus, Thailand, Vietnam and Georgia at present. 

Ivana Wolff, member, EAAF said she and Dr Louis along with the other experts – Ruma Purkait, professor of anthropology, Allahabad University, B Ashoka, head of department of criminology, School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya during over the course of next four days will give people an overview of forensic anthropology. First module of the course will be held from March 23 to 27 and a part of the module will cover air crash management for two-days from March 24.  Click here to Read more.

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