5 Careers for Science Grads

Every year, fresh batches of science graduates enter the job market with the same question: `Where can I find the best opportunity?’ The options are numerous, from which TimesJobs.com picks the latest five 

The careers predicted to be popular among science graduates are in nanotechnology, renewable energy, cyber security, signals processing, mobile technologies, aerospace engineering, biomedical and biological sciences, photonics, quantum physics and material sciences. Nuclear engineering, too, is considered a career of the future. As interests diversify, so do opportunities. Here is a list of five new careers for science graduates. 

1. Cyber security specialist 

The demand for cyber security specialists is growing due to greater use of technology in various aspects of life. With Smart City projects and the Inter net of Things in the pipeline, the demand will grow further in times ahead. 

The role typically demands leading and facilitating security certifications, co-ordinating with corporate teams in malware analysis and the testing and remediation process, identifying and developing cyber security solutions. From IT to hospitality and banking, the opportunities are immense for these professionals. 

Skills: Knowledge of network security, cyber forensics, cyber law, Linux and Unix Salary (entry level): Rs 4-6.5 lakh per annum 

2. Data analyst 

Though data analyst is not a new profile, its demand is growing.Surveys say 45-50% of the world’s data analytics jobs will be in India, making it a popular career. The work requires a strong understanding of maths and statistics, which many science graduates are strong in. The job involves market research, collecting data from multiple sources and analysing it for business operations and decision-making. 

Skills: Good logical, analytical and communication skills. Market research expertise Salary (entry level): Rs 3.5-7 lakh per annum 

3. Mobile app developer 

If you are a computer science graduate, mobile app development is for you. Mobile devices have evolved to become highspeed computing devices. This has fuelled the demand for mobile app developers who are experts in building apps for Android, iOS or Symbian. According to TimesJobs.com data, employers require professionals with two-five years’ experience. 

Skills: HTML5, Javascript and C# for Windows, Java or C++ for Android and Objective-C or Swift for iOS Salary (entry level): Rs 3-6.5 lakh per annum 

4. Meteorologist 

A meteorologist studies the atmosphere and climate, and analyses weather conditions. One can become a weather reporter or opt for a career as a government official with the Indian Meteorological Department. Though the meteorology course is considered a little demanding, this is a lucrative field globally. 

Skills: Good communication, logical and analytical skills Salary (entry-level): Rs 3-6.5 lakh per annum 

5. Forensic scientist 

There is a huge demand for forensic scientists in the biotechnology, healthcare and IT industries. The job involves searching for and examining contact trace materials that can be presented as scientific evidence in courts of law to support the prosecution or defence in criminal as well as civil cases. 

Skills: Strong analytical and logical skills, co-ordination, researching and developing new techniques procedures 

Salary (entry level): Rs 4-6.5 lakh per annum

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