Effective fundas of life from Swami Vivekananda which can make your life much better

Effective fundas of life from Swami Vivekananda which can make your life much better Although, Swami Vivekananda holds a prominent place in the Indian history of religion and spirituality, numbers of people who bring his ideas into practice are very less still.

In the age of today when youth is undergoing various problems in life, fundas of life from Swami Vivekananda can come up as an effective solution. We are pointing towards issues of unemployment, corruption and immoral practices prevalent in the society.

Let’s study about those 
fundas of life suggested by Swami Vivekanand

1. Believe in yourself

As per Swami Vivekananda, an atheist is the one who doesn’t believe in himself and not someone who doesn’t keep his faith in the god. According to him, belief in oneself is a catalyst to success.
2. Be strong intellectually

Swami Vivekananda said that other than shaping your body to be stronger, building up inner-confidence is also necessary.  He said both walk together and one can’t be singled out. Only a sound mind residing inside a powerful body can comprehend Bhagwad Gita as per him.

3. Don’t consider yourself weak or sinner

One should not consider himself to be weak, immersed in sorrow and futile. You should not consider yourself incapable of doing something worthwhile. Vedanta accommodates mistakes but not sin. One should live like a lion not a sheep.

4. Patience

Humanity is the biggest religion in the world. In order to be humane it’s important one keeps patience. Such a person remains unaffected from worldly happenings. This quality breeds purity, peace, willingness to serve, control on senses and urge to work hard.  Following this mantra can lessen your stress and infuse feeling of love and respect. In order to rule others, one must learn how to remain in discipline first.

5. Don’t lose hope

One must not lose hope ever. One who keeps smiling under every kind of circumstances connects better to God than through worship. 

6. Bravery 

As per Swami Vivekananda, every person dies just one time. So, one should always keep in mind that he is born to accomplish something great. This will infuse the necessary motivation in you. One should not rely on fortune to become successful but hard work is the key.

7. Be ready to serve

Love is life. One who is just interested in serving self-ambition is nearing death soon. In the same way, one must take to sacrifice in order to serve others and for sacrifice, selfishness should be trashed.

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