Waiting for CAT Results – Plan your next steps

Waiting for #CAT Results – Plan your next steps
Get Set for CAT 2015 >> #CAT #Mathematics By #Abhijit #Guha
This is the Series of “How to Say it Best” – From the ones who made it to The Top B Schools

Q. Why do you want to do MBA?
A. I am a #Production #Engineer and I know about the technical aspects and processes of a #Business. An MBA would help me know about the management aspect, managing people, marketing, strategy and finance.
Things to Note

In one line, state what you are currently doing
What is the learning you will get from #MBA
What difference will you create with your current work experience and MBA profile

Q. Tell me something about yourself?
A. I am a production engineer with 2 years of Production Management experience. In this period I spearheaded a few cost saving projects leading to annual savings of 20 Lacs. And this was instrumental in improving the flow of Production. I am also an avid reader. I follow both management and fiction. I recently read ‘The Goal’ by Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt. I run a blog on my views on various events of national and international interest by the name of ——–.
Things to Note

Say anything except what is already mentioned in your resume
Mention your experience and what additions you brought to the organisation
State your Interests and authenticate them
Let them know what you are passionate about- Everything that you have done Out of the Box should be mentioned

Q. What are your Long Term Goals?
A. I wish to reach the helm of a Large Company and help lead the organisation to hitherto unachieved heights.
Things to Note

Do not specify numbers when you say Large Company

Q. What are your Short Term Goals?
A. To work in different functions like Supply Chain, Operations, Finance, #Marketing, Strategy, PDT Management and understand the nuances of each . Thereby, prepare myself for my long term goal.
Things to Note

Your experience should not be ignored
Tell them you value MBA and concentrate on the learning you are about gain on joining MBA program i.e. Marketing, Strategy and PDT Management

Q. Why should we select you? (This is a difficult one to answer, though depends on the interview #performance and how it has been going)
A. I assume you would be looking for people with good analytical skills, good communication, ability to contribute in a group etc. I think I stand in good stead on all the above and then smile a bit
Things to Note

Simple and sweet
Short and crisp
Smile is your asset but use it at the right time

This is a story of one interview. Thousands of interviews happen every day which come up with interesting, regular, boring, outstanding, perfect and a mix of all these answers. So, buck up you could be the next one!

Input from sources
External Credit – Saurav Sarda, IIM Lucknow Alumnus


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