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This comprehensive book, now in its third edition, brings into fore the fundamental concepts of environment management. The elegantly combined presentation of various aspects of environment, ecosystems, effects of global warming and pollution, and various ways to conserve nature and save environment, with profundity, is a highlight of this text.
The third edition, while retaining the thorough coverage of the various areas of environment management—ecology, biodiversity, degradation of environment, agro-ecosystem and sustaining agriculture, forest and wildlife, waste management, emerging disciplines in environmental management, environment legislation, ethical aspects of environment—throws light on a new chapter on Ecological Dynamics and Human Influence that discusses the various environmentally significant behaviour, including environmental activism, eco-terrorism, bio-terrorism, agro-terrorism, ecotage, Green Scare, and environmental refugee.
Designed as a textbook for the postgraduate students of management, this book can be equally useful for the undergraduate students of all disciplines.


Foreword • Preface
Preface to the First Edition
Section I: Ecology
1.    Introduction to Ecology
2.    Environment and Its Components
3.    Soil, Water and Air
Section II: Biodiversity
4.    Definition and Scope of Biodiversity
5.    Biological Diversity
6.    Value and Uses of Biodiversity
Section III: Degradation of Environment
7.    Pollution and Pollution Control
8.    Global Warming and Climate Change
9.    Energy Requirement and Global Warming
10.  Dimensions of Environment Management
11.  Sustainable Development
Section IV: Agro-ecosystem and Sustainable Agriculture
12.  Agro-ecosystems
13.  Agro-biodiversity
14.  Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming
Section V: Forest and Wildlife
15.  Forests Ecosystem
16.  Wildlife and Its Conservation
17.  Grassland Ecosystem
18.  Wetland Ecosystem
19.  Carbon Sequestration and Carbon Credit
Section VI: Waste Management
20.  Solid Waste Management
21.  Integrated Solid Waste Management
22.  E-waste Management
23.  Radioactive Waste
Section VII: Emerging Disciplines in Environmental Management
24.  Environment Management Accounting
25.  Ecological and Environmental Economics
26.  Environmental Behaviour and Related Disciplines
27.  Ecological Dynamics and Human Influence
Section VIII: Environment Legislations
28.  National Legislations
29.  International Treaties
30.  Green Business
31.  Environmental Crime
Section IX: Ethical Aspects of Environment
32.  Environmental Ethics
33.  Religion and Environment

Glossary • Index

M.M. SULPHEY (PhD) is Professor, TKM Institute of Management, Karuvelli, Kerala. With more than two-and-a-half decades of experience in the industry and academics, Dr. Sulphey has published books on Business Law and Behavioural Finance, and several research papers in a number of national and international journals in various topics of relevance. He has also presented papers in international conferences on various topics, including Environment Management and Sustainable Development.
M.M. SAFEER (M.Sc. Agriculture) is working as Teaching Assistant (Plant Pathology) at Regional Agricultural Research Station, Kerala Agricultural University, Ambalavayal, Wayanad. Besides presenting the papers in various conferences, he has also published numerous articles for journals, magazines and newspapers. He has won several awards and prizes, including Vanamitra Award 2014 from the Department of Forest, Government of Kerala.
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