Book Review – Concepts and Applications of MICROWAVE ENGINEERING by KUMAR, SANJAY , SHUKLA, SAURABH

Concepts and Applications of MICROWAVE ENGINEERING

Concepts and Applications of MICROWAVE ENGINEERING
ISBN: 978-81-203-4935-3
Pages: 356
Binding: Paper Back
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What the Reviewer’s say

Concepts and Applications of Microwave Engineering by Dr Sanjay Kumar, published by PHI is very useful book for the students at UG as well as PG level. Satellite Communication & Radar Engineering concepts have strengthened the integrity of contents of the Book. Beautiful examples, solved problems and conceptual approach of the book could be of great help to the students aspiring for various public sector and other competitive examinations.

The book may be very well recommended to UG students of Electronics Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering and other allied disciplines.

-Dr G.R. Sinha, Professor (Electronics & Telecommunication) & Associate Director, 
Shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus 

“Microwave Engineering is a contemporary subject which has tremendous use not only in military applications but also in our day to day applications like communication, heating, medical appliances, remote sensing etc. Needless to emphasize that the subject book provides comprehensive coverage of entire gamut of RF and microwaves related topics. The book has been carefully crafted to make the concepts clear keeping in view the requirements of the beginners. The flow and simplicity of the language makes readers comfortable and encourage them to read.
The complicated derivations have been provided in the book in a simplified manner so that students can easily understand. The numerical examples are based on practical utilities and they have been framed aptly to make the concepts further clear which are useful to students. The authors have provided a variety of multiple choice questions with unsolved numerical problems with answers in the book to benefit the students.
Publisher deserved due appreciation for organizing the book with good quality of print for text as well as pictorial diagrams.”
-Dr. K. M. Reddy, Scientist ‘H’, GD and Associate Director, DARE, DRDO, Bangalore

“The book started with fundamentals and covered required aspects of microwave engineering in a simplified manner. Competitive exams are forcing students to prepare for MCQ’s, a fact that has been adequately catered for in the book: Quick Summary, Review Questions. MCQs and Numerical Problems are definably useful to students.

Experience in the field of Microwave has helped the authors to share their thoughts clearly. Material included from referred research journal papers and books adequately authenticate the research work undertaken by the authors in writing this book.
This book is useful to undergraduate, postgraduates, scientists, practitioners and teachers.”
-Dr. B.P. Patil, Professor and Head, Dept. of E&TC, Army Institute of Technology
“The outstanding aspect of this book is in terms of lucid, easy to understand style in which it is written making a beginner very comfortable to understand the fundamentals. Starting from introduction to microwaves, the chapters following that give how microwaves travel, amplified, measured, and applied in real time to antenna and radar system. The genesis of modern satellite systems too is covered.”

-Anil Sahasrabudhe, Director, College of Engineering Pune

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