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Electronic Commerce, popularly known as E-commerce is booming in India offering new ways of doing business. Referring to aspects of online business involving exchanges among customers, business partners and vendors, e-commerce has increased the speed and ease with which business can be transacted today, resulting in intense competition between enterprises. Companies are at the crossroads, with just two vistas ahead of them—either go online or go out of business. The comprehensive coverage of this Fifth Edition equips the students with the latest information on e-commerce—concepts, models, strategies, and techniques that can be used to build useful e-commerce applications.

The range of topics covered is broad, making this book a solid introductory text for the rapidly expanding number of courses in e-commerce for business students at undergraduate or postgraduate level, and also for the students pursuing courses in computer applications, information technology and information science.
The book features several comprehensive and diverse case studies and data on Indian corporations, as well as multinational companies showing success and failure of their Web-based electronic business models. New material on developments in technology and taxation issues have been added.

This fundamental treatment of the subject of e-commerce coupled with a clear and practical analysis of market models, continues to make this text an invaluable single source guide for students—arming them with skills to deal successfully with the managerial issues they will face as future business professionals.

Key features
•  Incorporates a new chapter E-commerce Laws and Taxation Issues.
•  Provides coverage of all elements of e-commerce including customer relationship, supply chain management, e-payment, e-security, mobile commerce, and Web designing.
•  Addresses key legal issues related to taxation, privacy, copyright, and so forth.
•  Gives the end-of-chapter Internet search exercises to help students develop analytical skills.
•  Defines key technical terms in the glossary.


1.    History of E-commerce and Indian Business Context
2.    Business Models for E-commerce
3.    Enabling Technologies of the World Wide Web
4.    e-Marketing
5.    e-Security
6.    e-Payment Systems
7.    e-Customer Relationship Management
8.    e-Supply Chain Management
9.    e-Strategy and Knowledge Management
10.  Information Systems for Mobile Commerce
11.  Portals for E-business
12.  Legal and Ethical Issues
13.  E-commerce Laws and Taxation Issues

P.T. JOSEPH, S.J., PhD, (Marquette University), is Director, at Marian International Institute of Management, Kuttikkanam, Kerala. He was the  Director of the Xavier Institute of Management (XIM), Bhubaneswar. Prior to joining XIM, he has been Professor at the Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur. Earlier, he also taught at Marquette University in Milwaukee and St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

Dr. Joseph has done research in image processing and published several papers, both in India and abroad.

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