What is AI?

There has been a movement over the years to make machines intelligent. With the advent of modern technology, AI has become the core part of day-to-day life. But it is accentuated to have a book that keeps abreast of all the state-of-the-art concepts (pertaining to AI) in simplified, explicit and elegant way, expounding on ample examples so that the beginners are able to comprehend the subject with ease.

Listen to Lecture 1 on Artificial Intelligence by the Vinod Chandra and Hareendran on Artificial Intelligence.

Our book Artificial Intelligence, dexterously divided into 21 chapters, fully satisfies all these pressing needs. It is intended to put each and every concept related to intelligent system in front of the readers in the most simplified way so that while understanding the basic concepts, they will develop thought process that can contribute to the building of advanced intelligent systems. Read about the book in detail. Click https://www.phindia.com/Books/BookDetail/9788120350465/artificial-intelligence-joshi-kulkarni

Artificial Intelligence Book

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