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The Book
This book offers an in-depth presentation of the mechanics of particles and systems. The material is thoroughly class-tested and hence eminently suitable as a textbook for a one-semester course in Classical Mechanics for postgraduate students of physics and mathematics. Besides, the book can serve as a useful reference for engineering students at the postgraduate level.
The book provides not only a complete treatment of classical theoretical physics but also an enormous number of worked examples and problems to show students clearly how to apply abstract principles and mathematical techniques to realistic problems. While abstraction of theory is minimized, detailed mathematical analysis is provided wherever necessary.
Besides an all-embracing coverage of different aspects of classical mechanics, the rapidly growing areas of nonlinear dynamics and chaos are are also included. The chapter on Central Force Motion includes topics like satellite parameters, orbital transfers and scattering problem. An extensive treatment on the essentials of small oscillations which is crucial for the study of molecular vibrations is included. Rigid body motion and special theory of relativity are also covered in two separate chapters.
The Contents
1. Introduction to Newtonian Mechanics.
2. System of Particles.
3. Lagrangian Formulation.
4. Variational Principle.
5. Central Force Motion.
6. Hamiltonian Mechanics.
7. Hamilton-Jacobi Theory.
8. The Motion of Rigid Bodies.
9. Theory of Small Oscillations.
10. Special Theory of Relativity.
11. Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics.
12. Classical Chaos.
Appendix A: Elliptic Integrals.
Appendix B: Perturbation Theory. Bibliography.
Answers to Problems.
The Author
(Late) G. ARULDHAS, PhD, was Professor and Head of Physics Department, and Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Kerala. With over four decades of teaching experience at the PG level.
Dr. Aruldhas served as CSIR Emeritus Scientist and Director, University Institute of Technology, Kerala University. He published about 145 research papers in various national and international journals. Dr. Aruldhas authored four other books which were published/are being published by PHI Learning.

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