“It’s OK not to be OK”
“It’s OK not to be OK”. Abilities have different contours, and have shaped the destiny of mankind beyond imagination. 

Dyslexia is one such ability which deprives a child of a ‘Reading Brain’. Though gifted with an ability to understand complex ideas, the manner in which the dyslexics grasp and comprehend information makes them unique and differential. An educator dealing with such creative individuals has to think out of the box making the learning environment more inclusive and encouraging at all times. Bringing such learners from the margin to the mainstream shall be based on the principle that “Every student can learn , may be just not on the same day or the same way”.

The book- “ Educating Exceptional Children- An Introduction to special Education”, by      Dr. S.K. Mangal, not only provides an insightful and vivid discussion on various aspects of special learners both cognitively impaired and learning impaired but it also presents practical experiences of special educators in the form of case studies.

The book lays emphasis on harnessing the innate potential of each learner by the educator and provides a plethora of ideas and techniques to do wonders with such learners. The book follows the Ethos: “All people see the disabilities, but a special educator unleashes the possibilities.”

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