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Intended as a text for three courses—Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), and DSP Architecture—this comprehensive book now in its Third Edition, continues to provide a thorough understanding of digital signal processing, beginning from the fundamentals to the implementation of algorithms on a digital signal processor.

This Edition includes Assembly, C and real time C programs for TMS 320C54XX and 320C6713 processor, which are useful to conduct a laboratory course in Digital Signal Processing. Besides, many existing chapters are modified substantially to widen the coverage of the book.

Primarily designed for undergraduate students of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Computer Science and Information Science, this text will also be useful for advanced digital signal processing and real time digital signal processing courses of postgraduate programmes.

Key Features

•   Provides a large number of worked examples to strengthen the grasp of the concepts of digital signal processing.
•   Includes MATLAB programs and exercises throughout the book.
•   Explains the architecture, addressing modes and instructions of TMS 320C54XX DSP and TMS 320C6713 with assembly language and real time C programs. 
•   Offers review questions and multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter to help students test their understanding about the fundamentals of the subject.

1.   Introduction
2.   Continuous Time Signals and Systems
3.   Discrete Time Signals and Systems
4.   Discrete Time Linear Time-invariant System
5.   Correlation
6.   Fourier Series and Fourier Transform of Continuous Time Signals
7.   Fourier Series and Fourier Transform of Discrete Time Signals
8.   Z-transforms
9.   Realization of Digital System
10. Discrete Fourier Transform: Its Properties and Its Applications
11. Fast Fourier Transform
12. Discrete Cosine Transform
13. FIR Filters
14. IIR Filters
15. Multirate Digital Signal Processing and Filter Bank Fundamentals
16. Adaptive Filters
17. Data Formats, Arithmetic Operations and Errors in Digital Signal Processors
18. Introduction to Digital Signal Processing Devices
19. Architecture of TMS 320C54XX Digital Signal Processor
20. Addressing Modes and Instruction Set of TMS 320C54XX DSP
21. TMS 320VC5416 Assembly Language Programming
22. Interfacing and Real Time C Programming with TMS 320C54XX
23. TMS 320C6713 Floating Point Processor Architecture and Real Time C Programming
V. UDAYASHANKARA, is Professor and Head in the Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering (SJCE), Mysore. He secured M.E. and Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. He has implemented a large number of research projects in the area of Embedded Systems and Signal Processing. His research interests include Rehabilitation Engineering, Speech Signal Processing and Biomedical Signal Processing. He has published and presented more than 100 research papers in various journals and conferences.
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