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This book, written in an interactive manner and easy-to-comprehend style, explicates the concepts of game theory. It enables the readers to think strategically in interactions that they may encounter as managers. The book innovatively cites real-world scenarios to highlight the fundamental concepts of game theory. It includes applications from regions around the world, with special emphasis on India.

Primarily intended for the students of MBA, the book is also of immense use for managers involved in decision-making. In addition, it will be of value to all readers from all walks of life engaged in strategic interactions, including professionals.

The book is supplemented with Instructor’s Manual and Solution’s Manual.

Highlights of the book

• Many case studies and examples are given in the text to maintain the reader’s interest in the subject. The case studies dwell on diverse issues such as diplomacy, politics, movies, sports, health care, environment, besides business and economics.
• Mathematical usage is kept at a level that is easy for most MBA students. Even for those students who are not very comfortable with mathematics, the book is designed in such a way that intuitive and logical understanding is possible without rigorous models.
• Each chapter (excluding the first chapter on introduction) ends with summary, solved examples, key terms and exercises.

Solution Manual is available for adopting faculty.

1.    Introduction
2.    Simultaneous-move Games: Pure Strategies
3.    Games of Coordination
4.    Games using Randomized Strategies
5.    Dynamic Sequential-move Games
6.    Oligopoly Models of Continuous Strategies
7.    Repeated Games
8.    Asymmetric Information
9.    Auctions
10.  Bayesian Games
11.  Coalition Games
12.  Bargaining and Contracts
Alka Chadha, Ph.D. in Economics (National University of Singapore), is a faculty member (Economics) at the Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli. She was earlier teaching at the NUS Business School, National University of Singapore. She has completed her B.A. (Hons) Economics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi and M.A. Economics from Delhi School of Economics.

She has published several articles in international refereed journals, including World Development, Industrial and Corporate Change, Economic Modelling and Scientometrics. Her teaching interests include Microeconomics, Game Theory, Indian Economy and Policy and Economics of Innovation. Her research areas focus on Innovation, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, Internationalisation and FDI.

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