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This thoroughly revised and updated edition, while retaining the major contents of the previous edition, presents the latest information on the various aspects of microwave engineering. With improved organization and enriched contents, the book explores expanded and updated information on the basic principles, characteristics and applications of commonly used devices in the design of various microwave systems.

The book commences with a discussion on microwave basics, EM wave theory, transmission line theory, hollow pipe waveguides, microwave junctions and goes on to provide in-depth coverage of waveguide components, klystrons, magnetrons and TWTs. The book focuses on the solid-state devices and microwave measurements as well.

The book has an added advantage of exercise section involving essay type questions, exercise problems, fill in the blanks, match the following and multiple choice questions, designed to reinforce the students’ understanding of the concepts. This tailor-made book is appropriate for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of electronics and communication engineering.

Highlights of the Second Edition
•  Two new chapters, namely, Klystrons, and Magnetrons and TWTs are incorporated into the book.
•  Several sections like coaxial line analysismicrowave link analysismicrowave bench design,measurement of phase shiftmeasurement of dielectric constant, and network analyzers have been introduced into the book.
•  Numerous questions and solved problems have been added to the exercise section of each chapter.


Preface • Acknowledgements

Chapter 1     Microwave Basics
Chapter 2     EM Wave Theory 
Chapter 3     Transmission Line Theory 
Chapter 4     Hollow Pipe Waveguides
Chapter 5     Microwave Junctions
Chapter 6     Waveguide Components
Chapter 7     Klystrons 
Chapter 8     Magnetrons and TWTs 
Chapter 9     Solid State Devices 
Chapter 10   Microwave Measurements

Appendix • Index

R.S. Rao, Ph.D., is Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Madanapalle Institute of Science & Technology, Madanapalle.
He received his B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from College of Engineering, Andhra University, Waltair and M.E. in Microwave and Radar Engineering from College of Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad. He obtained Ph.D. in EM Field Theory from JNT University Kakinada, Kakinada. He has more than fifteen years of teaching experience and ten years of industrial experience. He is active member of several professional bodies, including Indian Society of Technical Education, Biomedical Society of India and Society of EMC Engineers (India).
Dr. Rao is also the author of Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission Lines, published by PHI Learning, and has also co-authored another book titled Antennas and Wave Propagation.
His areas of interest include electromagnetic scattering, computational electromagnetic and radar cross sectional studies.

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