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This thoroughly revised and updated text, now in its Second Edition, is intended as a textbook for undergraduate students of Education. The book provides a detailed insight into the stages of evolution of Education in the country and the ongoing trends in the field.
The book, divided into twenty-five chapters, continues to explain the history of Indian education, its several commissions, the issues that beset primary, secondary, higher and adult education, national integration and international understanding, democracy, human rights, value crisis, the recent trends of globalisation, and the changes brought into the education and technology.
New to the second Edition
•   The text now incorporates a new chapter on Twenty-First Century….The Way Forward, which talks about the recent trends in the field.
•   New Sections on Formal Education, Informal Education, Aims of Education, Philosophies of Education, Free and Compulsory Education as Fundamental Right and RTE Act of 2010, Different Boards of Educations, Recommendation of National Knowledge Commission (2008), Rationale for Secondary Education, Higher Education Institutions, Issues and Limitations of Environmental Education and Non-formal Education have been added in various chapters.
•   Several sections have been updated to provide the reader with the latest information taking place in the field of Education.

Preface • Preface to the First Edition 
1.     Education: Its Nature and Aims
2.     Philosophy and Education
3.     Contemporary Indian Society
4.     Society and Culture
5.     Agencies of Education
6.     The Teacher
7.     Indian Education through Ages
8.     Education Committee Reports since Independence
9.     The Indian Constitution and Education
10.   Various Boards of Education
11.   Pre-primary Education
12.   Primary Education
13.   Secondary Education
14.   Higher Education
15.   Adult Education
16.   Democracy, Human Rights, Children Rights and Education
17.   Environmental Education
18.   Social Change, Sustainable Development and Education
19.   Population Education
20.   Education for National Integration
21.   Education for Peace and International Understanding 
22.   Value Education
23.   Some Statutory Bodies
24.   Review of the Issues and Challenges of Indian Education
25.   Twenty-First Century…. The Way Forward 

SUNANDA GHOSH, PhD (Education), is former Principal, and Professor of Education, Stella Matutina College of Education, Chennai. With more than four decades of teaching experience, Dr. Ghosh has acquired a deep insight into the subject, and is working as a guest faculty for MAC College of Nursing. She has published several articles on Education in national journals, and has been awarded gold medals for her creative writings. Apart from that, Dr. Ghosh has authored various books on Education and Counselling.
RADHA MOHAN, PhD, is former Principal, Rajalakshmi College of Education, Chennai. Earlier, she was Reader, Stella Matutina College of Education, Chennai. Dr. Radha Mohan has authored several books on Education, which have been widely appreciated by the teaching community. Being a passionate researcher on teacher education, she has widely contributed through her publications in reputed research journals. Dr. Radha Mohan is a much sought-after research guide.
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