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Subject wise – A special edge 

When it comes to MBA specialisations, finance remains one of the popular choices of a large number of Indian students because of bright job prospects within the country as well as overseas. However, many offbeat specialisations, too, can lead to promising careers. Here are a few that you could pick from if you plan to pursue your MBA degree abroad. 

Entrepreneurship: An interesting MBA specialisation is entrepreneurship. Many students prefer starting their business due to the 2008 economic crisis and the current uncertainty about the markets.B-schools teach students how to make business plans and more importantly, how to secure funding for them. In addition to entrepreneurship, students have begun to look for businesses that are philanthropic as well as profitable. Hence, institutes offer social entrepreneurship classes which teach students how to build such businesses. These enterprises are a new hybrid variety that generates profits while pursuing social goals. Harvard Business School and Northwestern University are wellknown among students for social entrepreneurship. 

Agribusiness: Agriculture is a major industry in India and if managed properly, businesses dealing in agriculture can be hugely profitable. Seeing the growing demand for agriculture management, institutes now offer specialisations in agribusiness. Students are taught managerial functions that companies perform throughout the agribusiness sector.Institutes such as Penn State University, Michigan State University and Utah State University offer courses in this area. 

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Sustainable energy: Renewable and sustainable energy is another field that has grown exponentially in the last few years. To meet the requirements of students who wish to work in this sector, institutes conduct courses as part of the MBA curriculum in sustainable energy.The University of California, Berkeley, is one of the institutions offering a specialisation in `energy and clean technology’ and teaches courses such as energy and environmental markets, cleantech to market, energy and infrastruc ture project fi nance. The focus of many of these courses is on find ing renewable and sustainable energy sources that can be brought to the marketplace. 

Real estate: The swings in the real estate industry may annoy many people but a career in the real estate market is a good option. An MBA with a focus on real estate is popular among students who wish to expand existing family businesses or set up world-class real estate companies in India. Institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School offer an MBA with a real estate concentration. Enrolees can take classes such as real estate entrepreneurship and real estate law along with an independent study. Columbia University, New York University and the University of California, Berkeley, are other institutions that provide courses in real estate. 

Healthcare: An MBA with a specialisation in healthcare management can teach you about medical tourism, how to run hospitals, managing medical professionals and inventory of medical supplies, among other topics. The medical industry is a hugely profitable business and students who wish to run existing hospitals and healthcare centres or set up new facilities can benefit from taking classes such as the business of healthcare, health law, and quantitative analysis for health systems and so on. Institutes such as the University of California, Los Angeles and Vanderbilt University offer MBA programmes in healthcare management. 

Sports management: If IPL management fascinates you or if you dream of working in sport and athlete services, an MBA with a specialisation in sports management will interest you. Institutes such as HardinSimmons University and the University of New Brunswick award MBA degrees with specialisations in sports management. As part of your curriculum, you will study courses such as the principles of sports and recreation management; fitness management and global sport. 

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