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Financial Management is so crucial for any organization public or private sector as profit maximization and increasing the shareholder value depend, to a large measure, on efficient and effective financial management of the company or firm. With this end in view, Professor Bhabatosh Banerjee, drawing from his expertise and his rich and long years of experience, gives a masterly analysis of the fundamental principles of financial management along with their applications.

While retaining the distinguishing features of the previous edition, the book is now a much more comprehensive one on Financial Management. Significant changes have been incorporated into the chapters relating to cost of capital, analysis of leverages, capital structure theories and planning, capital budgeting decision, working capital management, changes in financial position, accounting ratios and financial statement analysis, mergers and acquisitions and corporate governance for further value addition of the book.

The book is logically organized into five parts-Part I: Basic Concepts, Part II: Financial and Dividend Decisions, Part III: Investing in Long-term and Short-term Assets, Part IV: Performance Analysis and Measurement, Part V: Contemporary Topics to enable the students to understand the concepts, with suitable cases, chronologically and more effortlessly.

This book is primarily intended as a text for the students of commerce and management courses. It will also be highly useful for those appearing in CA and ICWAI examinations. In addition, the text will benefit practising finance and accounting professionals, corporate managers, and participants in management development programs.


  • Includes numerous illustrations, worked-out problems and exercises covering recent questions in university and professional examinations. 
  • Gives corporate practices in professional management, wherever found necessary. This will enable the students to acquaint themselves with real-life situations. 
  • Provides Case Studies in a few complex chapters to enhance the analytical and presentation skills of the students in a classroom setting.

Preface  Acknowledgements  Abbreviations Used

Part I: Basic Concepts

Chapter 1 Nature and Goal of Financial Decisions
Chapter 2 Financial Environment
Chapter 3 Time Value of Money
Chapter 4 Risk and Return
Chapter 5 Valuation of Securities

Part II: Financing and Dividend Decisions

Chapter 6 Sources of Capital
Chapter 7 Cost of Capital
Chapter 8 Analysis of Leverages
Chapter 9 Capital Structure Theories and Planning
Chapter 10 Dividend Policy

Part III: Investing in Long-Term and Short-Term Assets

Chapter 11 Capital Budgeting Decision
Chapter 12 Working Capital Management

Part IV: Performance Analysis and Measurement

Chapter 13 Changes in Financial Position
Chapter 14 Accounting Ratios and Financial Statement Analysis
Chapter 15 Emerging Tools for Performance Measurement

Part V: Contemporary Topics

Chapter 16 Portfolio Management
Chapter 17 Mergers and Acquisitions
Chapter 18 Corporate Governance
Appendix  Answers to Objective-Type Questions
Answers to Exercises Index

BHABATOSH BANERJEE, is former Professor, Department of Commerce, and Dean, Faculty of Commerce, Social Welfare and Business Management, University of Calcutta. Currently, he is Visiting Professor at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. He has 42 years’ teaching experience at the postgraduate level. He worked as a Visiting Professor of Accounting in two reputed universities (both private and State) in the USA during 1995-1997. A regular contributor to The Management Accountant and Indian Journal of Accounting, Dr. Banerjee is the Editor of Indian Accounting Review and President of Indian Accounting Association (IAA) Research Foundation.

Dr. Banerjee has authored several books, including Financial Policy and Management Accounting, 8th edition, Cost Accounting Theory and Practice, 13th edition and Fundamentals of Financial Management, 2nd edition, published by PHI Learning.

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