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The book attempts to critically analyse the cases on the law of copyright, decided by the Indian Courts as well as Courts of other countries, specially English and American Courts. The book also evaluates the relation between statutory copyright law as well as case law on the subject.

The book is divided into ten chapters. Chapter 1 is introductory, while Chapters 2 and 3 discuss the origin and development of law of copyright at international as well as national level. The most important debatable issue in copyright law is works in which copyright subsists, and Chapter 4 is devoted to this aspect. Chapter 5 explores various issues relating to author of work, owner of copyright and recognised rights of copyright owner.

The terms of copyright, licensing of copyright, international copyright and registration of copyright are the subject matters of Chapter 6, while rights of broadcasting organisation and of performers (neighbouring rights) are the subject matters of Chapter 7. Internet is the greatest communication medium of the contemporary era, and there is an inherent link between law of copyright and internet. Therefore, Chapter 8 is devoted to discuss various issues relating to protection of copyright in internet. While Chapter 9 demonstrates the law relating to infringement of copyright and defences of copyright liability, Chapter 10 discusses the enforcement of copyright in India.

This book will be useful to the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Law, researchers, academicians, jurists, lawyers, judges as well as members of civil society.

Preface  Table of Cases
Chapter 1 Theoretical Foundations of Law of Copyright
Chapter 2 Origin and Development of Law of Copyright at International Level and Its Utility in India
Chapter 3 Origin and Development of Law of Copyright at National Level: England, America and India
Chapter 4 Works in Which Copyright Subsists
Chapter 5 Author of Work, Owner of Copyright and Recognised Rights of Copyright Owner
Chapter 6 Term of Copyright, Licencing of Copyright, International Copyright and Registration of Copyright
Chapter 7 Rights of Broadcasting Organisation and of Performers (Neighbouring Rights)
Chapter 8 Protection of Copyright in Internet
Chapter 9 Infringement of Copyright and Defences of Copyright Liability
Chapter 10 Enforcement of Copyright
Appendix: Copyright Act, 1957
Bibliography  Index
JATINDRA KUMAR DAS, Ph.D. (Banaras Hindu University), is Associate Professor, Department of Law and Secretary, Faculty of Law at the University of Calcutta, Kolkata. He has 15 years of experience in teaching as well as professional experience in the field of Legal Research. He has been a member of various academic and government bodies. He has also authored many books on Law subject, the recent being Code of Civil Procedure, published by PHI Learning.
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