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Hospitality industry is growing at a rapid pace. The improving cross-country relations have resulted into boom in the Travel and Tourism Industry and its services. This book gives a comprehensive account on tourism industry of India, at large, and the world, in general.

From hotel to transportation (airways, railways and roadways), the book delves on services that helps in managing a tour efficiently. It also talks about tourism’s role in revenue generation, and trade forming an integral part of the tourism industry. The book discusses the topics like sustainable tourism and contemporary trends being followed in tourism, hotel and aviation industry today.

Designed as a text for the students of hospitality management, the book is equally beneficial for the students pursuing a diploma level course in travel and tourism management. Besides, the book is equally useful for the professionals working in the hospitality industry.

What Reviewer says…

This book appears to be quite exhaustive and aims to cover all aspects of tourism and travel management. The chapterization of the book is planned in a very scientific manner, i.e. moving from simple or early to complex or advance stages of study in the subject. The text also serve as a learning material for the students enrolled for distance education in Tourism and Travel Management.

This text, to a larger extent, covers all the functional area of Tourism, Travel, Hospitality and Aviation Management. Text is designed in such a manner that it not only brings out the challenges but also indicates employment opportunities for trained manpower in this sector. The statistical data and references are up-to-date which will serve as a useful source of information for target audience for this text from all spheres of this business activity. The text also highlights the details of new and emerging trends and study areas of Travel and Tourism like Sustainable Tourism, Community-based Tourism, and so on. The author has completely incorporated the proposed changes to make the text appealing for different segments of academia.

Prof. (Dr.) M. Sajnani, Dean Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism,
Director, Amity Institute of Travel & Tourism

Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Tourism
Chapter 2 Pestle Analysis in Tourism
Chapter 3 Accommodation and Tourism
Chapter 4 Transport and Tourism
Chapter 5 Travel Trade: Its Operation and Management
Chapter 6 Travel Documents and Related Formalities
Chapter 7 Tourism Planning and Development
Chapter 8 Sustainable Tourism Development
Chapter 9 Contemporary Travel Trends
Chapter 10 Application of Marketing Theory in Tourism
Objective Type Questions on Indian Tourism
Md. Abu Barkat Ali, is a Faculty, Krishnath College, Department of Travel and Tourism Management, Berhampore, Murshidabad, West Bengal. He has been researching in the fields of travel and tourism, and has been teaching this subject to his students as well.
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