CBSE Class 12 Exams – Psychology

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 12 Board exams are concluding on April 20, with Psychology. The candidates who are appearing for the Psychology exam should know that the paper will be held for 70 marks.
The paper will be segregated into five parts:

  • Part A: 10 learning checks (one mark each)
  • Part B: very short answer type questions (2 marks each)
  • Part C: short answer Type I questions (3 marks each)
  • Part D: short answer type II questions (4 marks each)
  • Part E: long answer type  questions  (6 marks each)

The word limit should therefore be accordingly.
For very short questions, answers should not be written in more than 25-40 words;
For short answer (type I) questions, answers should be written in 45-60 words;
For short answer (type II) questions, answers should be written in 60-100 words;
For long answer type questions, answers should be written in not more than 200-220 words
Tips and tricks to attempt the paper are:

  • The candidates can use flow charts and mnemonics in order to memorize well;
  • The candidates need to know the subject thoroughly in order to attempt its exam; Read as much as possible and understand the topic thoroughly;
  • While studying, the candidates should try to relate the study material with real life examples. It becomes a lot more easy to grasp and remember the subject if you


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