New Edition Released – PRODUCTION PLANNING AND CONTROL: Text and Cases, 3rd Ed. By S. K. MUKHOPADHYAY

Production Planning and Control
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This comprehensive and up-to-date text, now in its Third Edition, describes how the latest techniques in production planning and control are applied to contemporary industrial setups so as to meet the ever-increasing demands in industrial organizations for better quality of services, for faster delivery of products and for adapting to the rapid changes taking place in the industrial scenario. With the demands in the industrial arena increasingly tending to be lumpy, the most effective strategy for planning and controlling production processes cannot be a static, preconceived one. Instead, it is one that is flexible and is capable of adapting to the erratic changes in demand patterns. Evolving such a strategy requires more of practical skill than mere theoretical knowledge of the subject.

This book explores the demands of the present-day industrial environment and the techniques for addressing these demands through a number of case studies drawn from Indian industries. The efficacy of various planning strategies, the methods for implementing them, and their suitability for different industries have been clearly explained in relation to these cases. While the essentials of theory have been covered in a simple and straightforward style, the stress is on developing the practical skills required to tackle the unpredictable problems and the unforeseen demands that pose a formidable challenge to modern industries. The book places emphasis as much on the principles of heuristic techniques as on the systematic approach to production planning.

This book would serve as a useful textbook to postgraduate students of management as well as undergraduate students of industrial engineering. It will be equally useful to the teaching community and the practicing professionals.

New to The third Edition
•   Includes a new chapter on ‘Leagile Manufacturing: A Contemporary Manufacturing Syndrome’ (Chapter 11)
•   Provides several references to explore more in the field

Key features
•   Gives solved problems that serve as numerical illustrations of the theoretical concepts.
•   The Case Studies given focus on the Indian scenario; these will be of great practical value to students and professionals alike.
•   Offers substantial coverage of the modern heuristic methods, the Kanban system and the ERP techniques.

Preface • Preface to the First Edition • Acknowledgements
1.    Facilities Location and Layout
2.    Forecasting
3.    Aggregate Planning
4.    Disaggregation
5.    Capacity Management
6.    Lot Sizing Rules
7.    Scheduling Decision Rules
8.    Cases and Examples
9.    Quality
10.  ERP with SAP R/3
11.  Leagile Manufacturing: A Contemporary Manufacturing Syndrome
References • Suggested Further Reading • Index
S.K. MUKHOPADHYAY, PhD, formerly Professor, National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai, had a brilliant academic career. He won numerous awards including the university gold medal for obtaining first rank in the master’s degree examination. Dr. Mukhopadhyay has also excelled as an academician, administrator and industrial consultant of international repute. He regularly contributes articles to national and international journals.
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