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Written with a strong pedagogical focus, this second edition of the book continues to provide an exhaustive presentation of the fundamental concepts of discrete mathematical structures and their applications in computer science and mathematics. It aims to develop the ability of the students to apply mathematical thought in order to solve computation-related problems. The book is intended not only for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of mathematics but also, most importantly, for the students of Computer Science & Engineering and Computer Applications.

The introductory chapter presents an overview of the foundations of the subject, consisting of topics such as logic, set theory, relations, functions, algebraic structures, and graphs. The subsequent chapters provide detailed coverage of each of these topics as well as major areas of discrete mathematics such as combinatorics, lattices and Boolean algebras. Major applications such as computer models and computation, coding theory, cryptography and databases are dealt with in the final chapters of the book. In addition to this, a new chapter on matrices is included in this edition of the book, which forms a part of MCA course curriculum.

The book is replete with features which enable the building of a firm foundation of the underlying principles of the subject and also provide adequate scope for testing the comprehension acquired by the students. Each chapter contains numerous worked-out examples within the main discussion as well as several chapter-end Supplementary Examples for revision. The Self-Test and Exercises at the end of each chapter provide large numbers of objective type questions and problems respectively. Answers to objective type questions and hints to exercises are also provided. All these pedagogic features, together with thorough coverage of the subject matter, make this book a readable text for beginners as well as advanced learners of the subject.

Preface • Preface to the First Edition
1.    Foundations
2.    Predicate Calculus
3.    Combinatorics
4.    More on Sets
5.    Relations and Functions
6.    Recurrence Relations
7.    Algebraic Structures
8.    Lattices
9.    Boolean Algebras
10.  Graphs
11.  Trees
12.  Models of Computers and Computation
13.  Additional Topics
14.  matrices
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N. Chandrasekaran, Ph.D., has been Professor of Mathematics at St. Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli. Prof. Chandrasekaran has many years of experience in teaching mathematics at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in reputed institutions. He is the co-author of Theory of Computer Science: Automata, Languages and Computation, published by PHI Learning, Delhi.
M. Umaparvathi, M.Phil., has been Professor of Mathematics at Seethalakshmi Ramaswami College, Tiruchirappalli. Prof. Umaparvathi has a decade of experience in teaching mathematics at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
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