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Primarily intended for undergraduate engineering students of Electronics and Communication, Electronics and Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation, Computer Science and Information Technology, this book will also be useful for the students of BCA, B.Sc. (Electronics and CS), M.Sc. (Electronics and CS) and MCA.

Digital Design is a student-friendly textbook for learning digital electronic fundamentals and digital circuit design. It is suitable for both traditional design of digital circuits and HDL based digital design. This well organised text gives a comprehensive view of Boolean logic, logic gates and combinational circuits, synchronous and asynchronous circuits, memory devices, semiconductor devices and PLDs, and HDL, VHDL and Verilog programming. Numerous solved examples are given right after conceptual discussion to provide better comprehension of the subject matter. VHDL programs along with simulation results are given for better understanding of VHDL programming.

Key features

Well labelled illustrations provide practical understanding of the concepts.
GATE level MCQs with answers (along with detailed explanation wherever required) at the end of each chapter help students to prepare for competitive examinations.
Short questions with answers and appropriate number of review questions at the end of each chapter are useful for the students to prepare for university exams and competitive exams.
Separate chapters on VHDL and Verilog programming along with simulated results are included to enhance the programming skills of HDL.

Preface • Acknowledgements

Chapter 1      Number Systems
Chapter 2      Boolean Algebra
Chapter 3      Arithmetic Circuits
Chapter 4      Combinational Circuits
Chapter 5      Flip Flops
Chapter 6      Registers
Chapter 7      Counters
Chapter 8      Synchronous Sequential Circuits 
Chapter 9      Asynchronous Sequential Circuits 
Chapter 10   Memory Devices
Chapter 11   Logic Families of Digital Integrated Circuits
Chapter 12   Algorithmic State Machine
Chapter 13   Hardware Description Language—The VHDL
Chapter 14   Hardware Description Language—The Verilog


R. ANANDA NATARAJAN, PhD, is Professor, Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Pondicherry Engineering College, Puducherry. He is a fellow of Institution of Engineers (India) and member of Instrumentation Systems Automation (ISA) Society, USA. With more than two decades of teaching experience, Dr. Natarajan has published/presented several research papers in reputed national and international journals and conferences.
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