Counselling Skills for Managers

The work organization is a place where we spend approximately one-third

of our lives, thus it plays a very significant role in shaping our behaviours and personalities. Some of the basic human issues at work place, if not checked properly can destroy the system. Hence, we as a manager owe a great deal of responsibility to manage it more effectively. A little bit of inner drive, motivation and knowledge about the ways to handle human behaviour will make this process smooth.

Unfortunately the concept of counselling is greatly misunderstood and is quite unacceptable to the business world. Some of us either assume that we are born counsellors, and therefore, do not require any guidance with respect to counselling skills or are simply not ready to accept this concept as an intervening variable in determining the effectiveness of an organization. This is hardly surprising, given that many people in business have not been exposed to a counselling style of operating. The techniques used by professional counsellors can be used by managers but only if he or she understands the concept of counselling, recognizing the implication of the skills that he or she is applying and knows when it is appropriate to use these skills.

One has to remember that key to success in any organization today lies in its ability to harness the potential of employees—which comes if managers begin to understand and utilize the skills of counselling. Use of counselling skills in business organization is still a relatively new concept and one that has tremendous potential for increasing individuals and their organizational effectiveness.

In the Indian context, we have an old age tradition and culture of counselling as an acceptable mode of human relationship, but we are yet to acquire the modern scientific tradition of professionally trained counsellors, especially for business organizations. It is, therefore, necessary to have a book that talks about approaches of counselling specially designed for business.

With these forethoughts in mind, Dr. Kavita Singh in her book on ‘Counselling Skills for Managers’ has made an attempt to help the managers in business organizations and budding professionals to develop their counselling skills, and be able to apply them appropriately in the right situations with the desired outcomes.

Her book, published by PHI Learning, provides some insight into handling behavioural issues at work place by developing counselling skills.

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book on counselling skills

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