Significance of Business Communication

In the globalised, contemporary world Business Communication has risen to a position of extreme value. It is required by each and every working professional in order to do any business. Engineers require business communication skills when making plans for projects, scientist require it while writing their research papers and delivering their thesis presentations, office workers employ it when drafting letter and presenting ideas or showcasing their work, while managers need it to manage their staff effectively, while conveying their points with minimum misunderstanding and diplomats require business communications to ensure friendly ties and negotiations with other officials. All of these professionals in different fields rely so heavily on business communication, showing its importance in not only in sharing your ideas in a professional environment, but also just talking to your peers, and even listening to your colleagues in order to extract meaningful information from it.

Business communication also plays an integral part in the corporate world, in not only business deals and talks with other companies, but also within itself in order to ensure the harmony of the employees to increase efficiency and output. At the same time, externally as well, advertising is based heavily on business communication.

Business communication allows an individual to convey their thoughts in a concise manner, while present their views in a way which stays with the listeners, driving their points across. This sort of communication is especially useful during group discussions, job interviews and delivering presentations. Yet, business communication is not merely oral. It also comprises of writing reports, research papers, sending business letters and even writing resumes. One also needs to know that communication is a process involving both speaking and listening. Being able to focus on conversations, infer them well enough and develop on what one hears is a major part of their ability to prosper in a professional environment.

Clearly, business communication is an indispensable tool that every person should possess in order to be a respected member of any community, while also move up the chain for better professional opportunities.

Author: Ishan Pershad, Physics Student, Ashoka University

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