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The Book
This book helps prepare students for careers in Finance by describing a wide range of instruments for financing, investing, and controlling risk available in today’s financial markets.
• In-depth coverage of the various sectors of the financial markets provides students with a solid foundation of information.
• Discussion of the latest instruments enables students to recognize the contribution made by a new financial instrument.
• Blending of theory and practice provides students with a balanced presentation.
• End-of-chapter questions using material from practitioner publications allow students to review and reinforce material using real-world resources.
Several new chapters have been added including one on:
• Insurance Companies
• Asset Management Firms
• Investment Banking Firms
• Commercial Mortgages and Mortgage Backed Securities
• International Bond Markets
• Credit Risk Transfer Vehicles
The Author
FRANK J. FABOZZI, School of Management, Yale University.
The Contents
Introduction. Section I: The Players—Overview of Market Participants and Financial Innovation. Depository Institutions. Insurance Companies. Asset Management Firms. Investment Banking Firms. Section II: Organization and Structure of Markets—Primary and Secondary Markets. Section III: Risk and Return Theories—Risk and Return Theories: I. Risk and Return Theories: II. Section IV: Derivatives Markets—Introduction to Financial Futures Markets. Introduction to Options Markets. Introduction to Swaps, Caps, and Floors Markets. Section V: The Equity Market—Common Stock Market: I. Common Stock Market: II. Stock Options Market. The Market for Stock Index Products and Other Equity Derivatives. Section VI: Interest Rate Determination and Bond Valuation—The Theory and Structure of Interest Rates. Valuation of Debt Contracts and Their Price Volatility Characteristics. The Term Structure of Interest Rates. Section VII: Debt Markets—Money Markets. Treasury and Agency Securities Markets. Corporate Senior Instruments Markets: I. Corporate Senior Instruments Markets: II. Municipal Securities Markets. The Residential Mortgage Market. The Market for Residential Mortgage—Backed Securities. Market for Asset-Backed Securities. Commercial Mortgage Loans and Commercial Mortgage—Backed Securities. International Bond Markets. Market for Interest Rate Risk Transfer
Vehicles: Exchange-Trade Products. Market for Interest
Rate Risk Transfer Vehicles: OTC Instruments. Market for
Credit Risk Transfer Vehicles: Credit Derivatives and
Collateralized Debt Obligations. Section VIII: Foreign
Exchange Markets—The Market for Foreign Exchange and
Risk Control Instruments.
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