By Prithvi Kandhal
This is a one-hour tutorial by Prof. Prithvi Singh Kandhal on Maintenance of Bituminous Pavements. It explains both preventive and corrective maintenance procedures. Fog seal; surface dressing; slurry seal; microsurfacing; crack sealing; and pothole patching have been discussed.
You can download and print the slide handouts for this lecture at the following link:…/Kandhal-Lecture-10-on-Maintenance-…
This is one of 12 lectures given by Prof. Kandhal for Larson and Toubro (L&T) engineers in May 2016. These lectures were recorded by L&T who has allowed their uploading on YouTube for the benefit of highway engineers in India and across the world. Editing and uploading has been done by Prof. Kandhal who is Associate Director Emeritus, National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT), Auburn University, USA. His homepage is:
Prof. Prithvi Singh Kandhal is the co-author of the first ever textbook on asphalt technology published in the US. It is used in over 25 universities there. He has now authored the first ever textbook cum reference book in India, “Bituminous Road Construction in India” in July 2016. It has been published by PHI Learning and is priced Rs. 525 only. Contact PHI at: OR log on to buy the book.
Viewers should refer this textbook for getting more detailed technical information on the topic presented in this lecture or tutorial.

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