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This book is intended for the undergraduate students of electrical and electronics engineering, electronics and communication engineering, and electronics and instrumentation engineering of various universities and state boards of technical education.

In the entire book the approach in explaining a concept has been to take the reader from known to unknown and from simple to complex. Care has been taken to make the presentation student-friendly by showing step-by-step procedures wherever necessary to hold the reader’s attention throughout the book. The book has been developed on the basis of author’s long experience of teaching technical students as well as training technical professionals. Both the students, and the teachers will find this book useful and interesting to read.

Key features
•  Exclusive coverage of the syllabus prescribed for the undergraduate students of engineering.
•  In-depth presentation of all key topics.
•  Sufficient worked-out examples to support and reinforce concepts.
•  Pedagogical features such as chapter wise key points to recall concepts and exercises as well as numerical problems with answers for practice.


1.    Introduction to Electronics and Semiconductor Physics
2.    Atomic Structure and Energy Level
3.    Semiconductor Diode
4.    Transistors
5.    Transistor Biasing
6.    Small Signal Amplifier
7.    Hybrid Parameters of Transistor
8.    Multi-stage Transistor Amplifier
9.    Feedback
10.  Sinusoidal Oscillators (Positive Feedback Amplifier)
11.  Transistor Tuned Amplifier
12.  Modulation and Demodulation in Communication System
13.  Multiplexing
14.  Television and Radar
15.  Optical Fiber Communication
16.  Satellite Communication
17.  Cellular Mobile Communication
18.  Field Effect Transistor
19.  FET Biasing
20.  FET Amplifier
21.  Power Diodes
22.  Thyristors
23.  Power Electronics
24.  Operation Amplifier
25.  Digital Circuit
26.  Regulated Power Supply
27.  Electronic Instruments

PARTHA KUMAR GANGULY is Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Shekhawati Engineering College, Dundlod, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. Earlier, he has worked as Manager of Transformer Division in Bharat Electronics Ltd., a public sector enterprise. With nearly four decades of teaching and industrial experience, he is the recipient of ‘Vishwakarma Award’ on product development from Ministry of Defence Production, Government of India. He has attended the ICQC International Forum on Quality in Delhi (in 1990) as well as the training program in National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Powai, Mumbai followed by Management Development Program in Hyderabad. Apart from this, he is an active member of The Institution of Engineers (India) (IEI). His fields of interest include principle of electrical engineering, electronics, electric drive and control, utilization of electric power and industrial power electronics.

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