CBSE board exams: 5 days to go

The Central Board of Secondary Education boards are just five days away. Class 12 and class 10 exams will commence together from March 2. While class 10 first assessment will be Dynamics Retail/technology/security/automobile/tourism, class 12 will have its English elective on the very first day.

Admit cards have already been released. Class 10 and class 12 have its exams end on March 26 and April 20 respectively. The students have been provided with enough gap between the exams for revision.
Students can visit the official link of CBSE to review the examination schedule though they would have been provided with one.
With just five days left, students need to buck up with their remaining syllabus. Some of the things should be taken care of-

  1. In the days left they should not take anything new to learn.
  2. Plan accordingly the way they are going to attempt the question papers.
  3. 6 hours sleep is mandatory for the students as it will relax their mind.
  4. Drink a lot of water to energise your body.
  5. Take sample papers to solve and set the time in which you want to finish them. This will increase your speed.
  6. Manage the remaining time slot and go for walk in the evening or morning to refresh your mind.
  7. On the eve of exam, check your stationery and admit card properly.

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