How to prepare for CBSE board exam in less than 2 weeks

Hardly two weeks remain before CBSE Board exams begin. There is so much to prepare and so little time. You have studied a lot but also seem to forget a lot. You are tense. But don’t worry. We share the 3 Rules to crack the toughest exam effectively and quickly.
1. Have a plan of study ready. Do not make it very complex.
Simply list down all major topics and sub-topics of a particular subject on a sheet of paper. Or use table of contents of a good book on the subject. You will be ticking off whatever is completed.
One tick for those topics that you studied reasonably well.
Two ticks where you also practiced and are quite confident.
Three ticks for those where you performed another revision and consider yourself an expert.
Your target is to have as many three-ticks as possible before the exam.
2. First thing in morning, decide targets for the day. Do not take more than 2 minutes for this.
3. Take a short target for next 25 minutes, one specific topic. Don’t think beyond 25 minutes at a time.
To gain maximum out of the above 3 Rules you have to follow some recommended daily routine.

  • Take small break of few minutes every 40 minutes. Stretch lightly for half a minute during the breaks.
  • Maintain a regular sleep pattern. Leave study at least 30 minutes before sleep. During these 30 minutes, wash your limbs and face, settle down, close your eyes, relax your mind, allow it to drift wherever it feels like, gradually speak reaffirmations to yourself and allow yourself into a wonderful sleep.
  • Unless really necessary, avoid caffeine. They may lengthen your waking time. But they can also disturb your sleep, reduce grasping capacity of brain, and make you feel tired when you wake up next day. Instead of tea or coffee, have lemon water or green tea.
  • Avoid TV, films, chatting, long phone calls, social media unless absolutely necessary. These will tire your brain. Speak less with others. Allow your brain to spend time with yourself.
  • Play music, or sing, or dance, or simply meditate during the short study breaks.  
  • We are sure these rules and its recommended schedule will help you crack CBSE Board exam 2015 with flying colors.  All the Best!

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