CBSE Board Exams: time for parents to RELAX

No TV, no phones, no talking, no hanging out with friends, in short, nothing else than the books- this must be the instructions given by the parents, whose children are appearing for boards this year.
Board exam, for all of us, is one of the most dreaded exams. Not only because we presume that the marks will shape future, but also we have a lot of parental and societal pressure to score well. This year, parents who are planning to take a week long break to sit with their kids should first read the following instructions to keep the exam stress at bay –
Be understanding: Parents are required to be encouraging, supporting, appreciative and understanding rather than being followers of the race for the nineties. Keeping in mind the number of distractions that we have these days, it’s important to be vigilant but avoid making home a war zone
Give them  a break: Taking breaks while studying is normal. Studying for a long time without any break will build more stress and pressure. “I took my daughter out for an ice cream break on a day before her first exam,” said Rama Sharma, Public Relation Officer, CBSE, whose two daughters have passed the board exams. ” Being somebody from inside the board, I never let the pressure affect my kids. I understand my child’s capability and never push her to perform beyond that”, added Rama 

Say no to high expectations:
It is important to realize your child’s capability and interest. Unreasonably high expectations from parents and society are the causes for stress and hypertension in today’s youth
Talk to them:  Keep telling them to revise the mantra of- ‘ I will give my best’ and half of the tension will vanish. ”I keep talking to him whenever he needs me around. I sit with him and prepare his timetable for a day. Sometimes we even discuss randomly anything other than the exams.” says Rajesh Sharma whose son is appearing for board exams this year

It’s just another exam!:
Success and failure are the two sides of the same coin. While it’s important to score good marks but failing doesn’t mean the end of the world. Remember, board exam are the first exams of your life, and not the last. ”Going with the need hierarchy model, the need for doing good and getting good in return is very much there. But having said that, there is also a need to accept board exam as a normal phase or part of life and not an ultimate aim of your life”, concludes Amanpreet Kaur, Ph.D Scholar and Junior consultant–de-stress/1/418737.html

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