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Communicating a message effectively needs precision—be it verbal or non-verbal. At the professional front, the accuracy of the message to be shared becomes all the more important as the business decisions may depend on the same. This book, in its second edition, continues to detail on the pre-requisites of communicating effectively in the corporate environment and generally.
Beginning with an overview of business communication, the book educates on the principles of communication—oral and written. Divided into nine chapters, the first two chapters deal with oral communication and the next seven deal with different forms of written communication. The book teaches how to write effective letters and prepare persuasive resumé. The chapters are well-supported with many examples and illustrative exhibits wherever required.
A new chapter (Chapter 9) has been added titled ‘Writing to Communicate’ which presents incorrect use of language and phrases that rob the text, be it a report or a letter, of authenticity and credibility. The chapter also presents correct use of the examples and the rationale or logic in the form of explanations.
Designed as a textbook for the management students, this book would be equally useful for the management professionals and executives.

Key features

• Observes a simple pattern of Read-Comprehend-Test-Follow
• Discusses strategies for identification and improvisation of communication skills (both oral and written)
• Provides numerous examples and illustrations that facilitate proper grasp of the topics discussed.


1.    Principles of Communication
2.    Oral Communication
3.    Mechanics of Writing
4.    Report Writing
5.    Sections of The Report
6.    Circulars, Notices, Memos, Agenda and Minutes
7.    Writing Letters
8.    Applying for a Job
9.    Writing to Communicate


Asha Kaul, PhD, is Professor, Communication Area, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. She has presented/published many articles and papers in national and international journals. She is also a founding Chairperson of Gender Resource Centre, IIMA. Dr. Asha Kaul has authored two other books Business Communication, 2nd ed., and New Paradigms for Gender Inclusivity: Theory and Best Practices published by PHI Learning.
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