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भारतीय तर्कशास्त्र (BHARATIYA TARKSHASTRA)

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भारतीय तर्कशास्त्र (BHARATIYA TARKSHASTRA)

Print Book ISBN : 9788120336506
Pages : 160
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Print Book : Available
Binding : Paperback

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Table of Contents

Foreword. Preface. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Systems. Part I: NEURAL NETWORKS-Fundamentals of Neural Networks. Backpropagation Networks. Associative Memory. Adaptive Resonance Theory. Part II: FUZZY LOGIC-Fuzzy Set Theory. Fuzzy Systems. Part III: GENETIC ALGORITHMS-Fundamentals of Genetic Algorithms. Genetic Modelling. Part IV: HYBRID SYSTEMS-Integration of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithms. Genetic Algorithm based Backpropagation Network. Fuzzy Backpropagation Network. Simplified Fuzzy ARTMAP. Fuzzy Associative Memories. Fuzzy Logic Controlled Genetic Algorithms. Word Index. Author Index.

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